X-Ray Radiography

Radiography machine

Nordson Dage XD7600NT Diamond Radiography

The Ultimate High Magnification X-ray Inspection System is used in the electronic industry because of the high magnification and resolution for small circuitry and electronic components. It is ideal for PCB internal trace line inspection, an inspection of hermetically sealed parts, internal EOS (electrical overstress failures, and inspection of burned PCB without disturbing the component and trace line location; it is non-destructive.

Radiography is a nondestructive inspection method for examining electronics components; solder joints, cracks, voids, delamination and packaging inspection. Images are developed by the absorption of x-rays as the beam passes through the sample. Radiographic inspection depends on changes in density differences in the atomic number of the materials (metal is denser than plastic, voids are air spaces, or as atomic number increases the materials becomes denser).

For small-scale devices, radiographic techniques specified in MIL-STD-883 were sufficient. High-resolution microfocus x-ray sources and large-area have the real-time capability. This allows the manipulation of the sample in 3D such that it can be inspected from all angles. The analysis of high-density, large-area hybrids requires this combination of higher resolution and image analysis capability.

X-ray inspection allows the evaluation of assembly defects in locations where direct observation is impossible. Defects such as registration misalignment of multilayer substrates, solder voids in flip-chip mounting and higher-level package assembly, voids in die attach, and post seal inspection for such defects as wire bonding opens and shorts, size, and die component lifting are detected with x-ray radiographic analysis. X-ray image in which wire bonds are easily resolved and die attach defects are visible.

Gideon has the latest XD7600NT Diamond X-ray inspection system, the ultimate choice for the highest magnification X-ray imaging.

  • Nordson DAGE NT100 Maintenance-Free, Sealed-Transmissive X-ray Tube
  • Provable < 0.1 µm Feature Recognition
  • 160 kV Tube with up to 10 W Tube Power - Always Retains Sub-Micron Ability
  • Nordson DAGE 2 Mpixel @ 25fps XiDAT3 Digital Image Intensifier with Real-Time Image Enhancements
  • Geometric Magnification 2,000 X, System 12,000 X and Total 60,000 X with Digital Zoom
  • 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580 mm) Maximum Board Size
  • 70° Oblique Views without Loss of Magnification
  • AXiS - Active X-ray Image Stabilization

Radiography internal unit
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