For Sale

Hitachi S-570 with IXRF EDS

This Hitachi SEM S-570 is currently installed and used as a backup. It basically has the same resolution as the Hitachi 3700 which is a current model. It has IXRF EDS software 1.4D which is current. The IXRF interface box to the SEM allows digitizing of all images coming from the SEM. The IXRF software will allow connection to various detectors as long as the proper interface cables are used. It has two rebuilt roughing pumps and a third Hitachi for backup.


This unit has a 24x30 test cell installed and we also have a 12x12 test cell. This unit works fine. It needs ion cartridges to achieve 12 meg-ohm reading. The ion cartridges are consumable and need replaced when the exchange bed can no longer reach an acceptable level. Picture from back 12x12 tank Omegameter Model 600R Manual

Rigaku Micro Diffractometer XRD

Gideon has a Rigaku (x-ray diffraction) Rotaflex RU-200B series with a PSPC (position sensitive proportional counter) type micro-diffractometer with auxiliary cabinet, H.V. transformer, water circulator a $3000 item we have thrown in, radiation enclosure, New PC running Canberra Gennie 2000 (currently sold software) and a Lynx MCA for x-ray to PC control. This is a 22K upgrade to modernize the system so that it could be networked and run in auto mode.

Rigaku X-Ray Diffraction

This Rigaku Rotaflex RU-200B micro-XRD is using Canberra Genie 2000 software. It has the following features: Integrated data acquisition and analysis Independent support for over 250 detector inputs Networking for distributed MCA operation and centralized data management Comprehensive and flexible user programming capability Compatibility with the full CANBERRA MCA line Wide variety of layered software options available for specialized spectroscopy applications Compatible with Windows® 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, and Windows XP 32-bit operating systems, and also Windows Server 2008 32-bit (SP2) and 64-bit (R2 SP1) Multi-language support: English, French, German, and Russian The front shields were taken off to expose the goniometer.

TPH 170 Pfeiffer Balzers

The pump below is a TPH 170 Pfeiffer Balzers. The S/N is PMp01210AF0475 We are selling it with the power supply. It is 170l/s, 2x6ml and weighs 7.3 Kg. The one above it is a TPH 100.

Zeiss Axio

New never used Dell Monitor Dell Computer Zeiss Axio Microscope Comes with N-Achroplan 10x and 20x objective lens and EC Epiplan 50x Front view Adjustments Manual Dell Computer still in plastic, Monitor and microscope never used.