FCS RV4141V GFI Controller

Gideon Analytical Labs received two failed RV4141AM ground fault interrupter controllers. The devices had far different impedance values than a new one did on several of the input pins. The RV4141A is a low power controller for AC outlet appliance leakage circuit interrupters. These devices detect hazardous current paths to ground such as an appliance falling into the water. The interrupter then opens the circuit line before a harmful or lethal shock occurs. Internally, the RV4141A has a diode bridge rectifier, Zener shunt regulator, op-amp, current reference, time delay circuit, latch and SCR driver. In addition, an external sense transformer, SCR, relay, two resistors and component selection, unique applications, resigned components, etc.

Whole RV4141AM

Whole RV4141AM



Transistor EOS

Over current on the base

base to emitter short


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