Susumu RG3216-1000-B-T-T1 Film Resistor Failures

Gideon received ultra precision calibration resistors. These resistors have a tolerance of .1%. The ultra precision thin film resistors are designed for high precision circuitry. They have excellent stability and reliability over the operating temperature range and low TCR characteristics.

The resistors were running about .3 to .4 ohm too high.

OnboardTest 1Test 2Test 3Test 4Test 5decapsulatedHalogens

As one can see by the above table, after the 5th test, the resistor on the first PCB recovered. The second PCB resistor did not, therefore, the resistors were taken apart to find the cause of the higher resistance.

Chlorides were found on the resistive element.

For Gideon Analytical Laboratories, getting to the root cause of this failure was like using silver in your circuitry: there was little resistance. With the speed and accuracy that typifies our work, we got the job done. If you are questioning why your parts are failing, contact us. We can help you. Give Gideon Analytical Laboratories a call today.


The 100 ohm resistor


The side of the alumina substrate


The scratch protection was removed.


X-ray of the film resistor



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